About Te Tarai Vaka



2015 Officially adopted and endorsed by Cook Islands Government (CIG) through Cabinet          2017 TTV revised and simplified


  üStreamlined approach to concept, plan, implement and monitor, complete, evaluate small and large scale projects - labelled Activities2 – across CIG   

  üSingle framework incorporating other existing national systems to ensure transparent and accountable expenditure and reporting of donor and government funding towards ownership of development results

  üPolicies, guidelines and tools provided or referred to are intended to support CIG commitment to the transparent, efficient and effective use of tax payer funds and development partner assistance

  üFor use in all Government funded and Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) activities managed by CIG

 TTV has a user friendly visual signpost for navigating TTV and appropriate stages for use of other CIG mechanisms

Aligned to National Priorities

Activity concept proposals and management process alignment to Te Kaveinga Nui 2007 - 2020, National Sustainable Development Plan 2016-2020 and the Cook Islands national policy suit and accompanying sector strategies eg National Infrastructure investment plan 2015-2020

Guided by robust legislative framework

Key legislations include Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM) 1995-96 Act and amendments, Public Service 2009 Act and amendments. Public Expenditure Review Committee and Audit 1995 -96 Acts and amendments

Ensuring application of other national operational Activities requirements

Primarily the Cook Islands Development Partner Policy 2015. CIG Financial Policy and Procedures Manual, CIG procurement Policy,CIG Public Service Manual and the national annual budgeting system


1Te Tarai Vaka in cook islands Maori refers to the process of building a voyaging canoe, and was chosen thorugh consultations as an appropriate metaphor for managing a project while consideing Cook Islands Values. 2An activity refers to projects,programs,techinical assistance,equipment and any personnel required to carry out economic and social development in the Cook Islands.

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Watch this video - Understanding the basics of Te Tarai Vaka. The Cook Islands Activity Management System - Youtube