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Te Tarai Vaka

Government of the Cook Islands Activity Management System


Te Tarai Vaka (TTV) - Government of the Cook Islands Activity Management System, is a suite of project management tools which have been designed to assist agencies in fulfilling the necessary requirements for successful progression throughout the stages of the project lifecycle. The policies, guidelines and tools provided by Te Tarai Vaka are intended to support the Cook Islands Government (CIG) commitment to the transparent, efficient and effective use of tax payer funds and development partner assistance. The revised version has a user-friendly, colour-coded system that makes the navigation through TTV a breeze, but MFEM has also assigned dedicated personnel to assist agencies along the required steps. 

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If you have any questions or require guidance regarding the system, please contact: tetaraivaka[at]cookislands.gov.ck


Whilst Te Tarai Vaka is applicable to all government funded and aid funded projects to be implemented by the Cook Islands, those projects funded through climate financing, including but not limited to the Green Climate Fund and the Adaptation Fund, must meet additional requirements. In these instances, the requirements of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM) Grants Awards System, Evaluation Procedures for Climate Financing Mechanisms and Grant Beneficiaries Procurement Rules must be applied. Please contact the Development Coordination Division should you have any questions regarding the requirements under climate financing.


1Te Tarai Vaka in Cook Islands Maori refers to the process of building a voyaging canoe. This metaphor was chosen through consultations for managing a project while considering Cook Islands values. 
2An activity refers to projects, programs, technical assistance, equipment and any personnel required to carry out economic and social development in the Cook Islands.