Readiness 1 NDA Strengthening

Readiness Support 1 – 12 month (1 year) programme May 2016 – August 2017

The Cook Islands submitted its first Readiness Support Proposal to the GCF board for NDA Strengthening on December 2015 and were successful in accessing USD150,000 on the February 2016. A portion of the funds have gone towards engaging a local based NDA Consultant and Climate Change Development Programme Manager with the remaining funds going towards the strengthening of the NDA, Climate Change Cook Islands and stakeholder consultations.

This readiness programme has come to an end and officially closed in August 2017. The readiness programme has helped the Cook Islands achieve the following outcomes:

  • Raise awareness on the GCF through the development of communication materials such as fact sheets and the knowledge sharing of GCF through presentations at various workshops/meetings and at the quarterly Cook Islands climate change platform meetings.
  • Host a national workshop called the National Brilliant Resilient Workshop which was held in May 2016.  
  • Support the Cook Islands in gaining accreditation through the nominated entities – Ministry of Finance and Economic Management and the Bank of the Cook Islands with MFEM just formally submitting their accreditation proposal in April and BCI requesting for a gap assessment through the GCF.
  • Strengthen our engagement with the GCF
  • Carry out various media releases via social media, website, TV coverage, radio (cook islands radio, new Zealand radio, pacific beat radio)
  • Increase engagement with the private sector on GCF - 6 individual meetings held with Private Sector and SoE on the GCF (BCI x2, Te Aponga Uira x1, Cook Islands General Transport x2, Ever Green x1) and 2 community members.

The full completion report for this programme can be found here.  The completion report provides more detailed information on the entire programme.