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Belt and Road Initiative 

The Government of the Cook Islands and the Government of the People’s Republic of China sign the Belt and Road Initiative Memorandum of Understanding in which both countries agree to promote between themselves policy coordination, facilitate connectivity, trade, financial cooperation and people to people relations

Belt and Road Memorandum of Understanding  

Development News

2018/19 India Grant Fund - Call for applications

Requests for Expressions of Interest – India Grant Fund

The India Grant Fund (IGF) is administered by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM) and is funded by the Government of India under their Grant-in Aid Programme, which has funded public and community based projects, contributing to social and economic development since 2006.

The Development Coordination Division of the MFEM wishes to advise that the funding round for 2018/19 is now open for government agencies, community clubs, registered groups and organisations to apply for assistance based in the Cook Islands.

To meet the eligibility criteria, all application requirements must be completed.

Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

Applications close 4pm, Friday 16thNovember 2018.

 application pack 

*Application Instructions

* APPLICATION - Concept Note

For further information and inquiries contact:
Phone 29521 to speak to Tessa Vaetoru or Charmaine Dolan
 email subject line: India Grant Fund

Palmerston Island Cyclone Shelter Contract Award

PRESS RELEASE 30/08/2018


Infrastructure Cook Islands

Palmerston Island Cyclone Shelter Contract Award

PalmerstonCycloneShelterInfrastructure Cook Islands (ICI) is pleased to announce the award of the Palmerston Island Cyclone Shelter Construction Contract between Land Holdings Ltd and Infrastructure Cook Islands with construction activities expected to start on site in October 2018 following material delivery. Government’s recognition of the need to improve the resilience of our Pa Enua has led to joint funding primarily from the Japan Government. The Cook Islands Government contributions includes funding, securing of land, project and construction management and design of the cyclone shelter in collaboration with the people of Palmerston Island and Island Government. This project will improve security and resilience of the island community, by delivering a structurally sound, safe, reliable, durable cyclone shelter that will provide protection from extreme weather events and also provide for post disaster recovery. The contract includes the construction of a two-story Cyclone Shelter designed for both cyclone winds and storm surge. Works include water tanks and modification to an existing septic tank system. The Cyclone Shelter will house up to 80 people in an emergency event and during normal use the facility will function as a multi-use community facility. ICI as project and contracts manager on behalf of both governments is working closely with the Palmerston Island Government and Island Administration on all aspects of this project as the key stakeholder, with the aim to deliver a successful project for the Island of Palmerston. The project contributes towards Goal 5 of the National Sustainable Development Plan 2016-2020 Build resilient infrastructure and Information Communication Technology (ICT) to improve our standard of living, Goal 13 Strengthen resilience to combat the impacts of climate change and natural disasters and the ICI Strategic Plan 2.2: All buildings conform to cyclone and tsunami safety standards. “This Contract is part of a wider programme of Government investment in key Pa Enua Infrastructure” says Infrastructure Cook Islands Secretary Ngametua Pokino. “Key outcomes of the project are to provide a structurally safe and durable cyclone shelter, provide water and sanitation facilities, post-cyclone recovery including space for a medical clinic and emergency communications, as well as capacity building and economic benefits for the community by engaging local work force and suppliers. Collectively these outcomes will lead to a more sustainable facility as well as capacity building within the island community” Pokino adds. End.

OSH National Reform Project

The Cook Islands Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) National Reform Project is underway and aims at raising the standards of OSH across the Cook Islands by establishing new legal requirements for OSH, workers’ compensation (WC) and employers’ liability insurance (ELI). More effective legislation will protect Cook Islands workers and support Cook Islands businesses. As part of an extensive consultation process, the appointed Technical Advisor, SHAW IDEA PTY, has now presented the Issues Paper, a set of questions and explanations meant to guide further thoughts and ideas covering OSH, ELI and WC.

There are three versions of the Issues paper available: a brief (one page), a summary (4 pages) and a detailed (64 pages) version. The brief is also available in maori version. The Ministry of Internal Affairs, together with the tripartite social partners, Cook Islands Chamber of Commerce and Cook Islands Workers Association, will be distributing the Issues paper as widely as possible through their respective email database and websites. Anyone preferring hard copy versions, please come to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The Issues paper represents yet another opportunity to contribute to National OSH Reform Project. By providing as much input and information possible, our different stakeholders and members of our community facilitate the process of shaping a new set of legislation that will be user friendly, relevant and applicable to all of us.

Deadline for all written submissions is on the 24 August 2018.

For any additional queries or information, please call 29370, Sandrina Thondoo, Director of Labour and Consumer Services, Ministry of Internal Affairs. Alternatively, contact the Technical Advisors directly, Andrea Shaw and Alan Clayton on their respective emails.

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