Balance of Payments 2010-2014

This publication updates the previously published balance of payments statistics from 2010 to 2014. The capital and financial account are not published at this time.


In 2014, the Cook Islands current account balance was $140.5 million up by $31.7 million when compared to 2013 current account balance of $108.8 million. The major items that contributed to this surplus were the tourism receipts and official aid receipts, countered by large imports of goods.

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Information about BOP Data is currently compiled in accordance with BPM5. Merchandise goods are measured through customs as described in the Merchandise Trade GDDS entry. Other goods included in this component are the jet fuel and the numismatic. Our jet fuel is brought into the country as import goods and re-sold to a foreign owned company (Air NZ) and this is considered as re-exports. Revenue from numismatic coins is extracted from the government accounts. The export and import of services are measured in the following components: transportation, travel, communication, insurance, financial and government services. Income and current transfers are also estimated to arrive at a current account balance. The Current Account Balance is published along with Merchandise Trade tables. The Capital or Financial Account is not published.